Video Services

 Producing a video that emphasizes storylines

We produce videos with an emphasis on storylines, and a focus on live action.

Our specialities include video production for web advertising, use case videos, event videography, and videos used in public relations.

We produce a wide range of animation and event highlight videos.

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Web CM

We produce an advertising video,

including video advertisements on YouTube and each SNS suitable for online.

Also, we can creative related matters such as banner ads.

Use Case

We produce example videos of products and services can be used in seminars or online event. 

We are particular about producing the beauty of the image and the story more than anywhere else.

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We consistently produce everything from character design to sound effects and narration recording.

Animation can be more pop and easy to understand even explanations and movements that are difficult in live action.

Event Highlight

We do not miss a moment and capture a wonderful moment.

And, it can be used not only for HP and SNS, but also for business reports, etc.


Overseas Use Case

We have a large number of staff who are fluent in English, so we can do all the production such as interviews, shooting, and subtitling in English.

We can also have a meeting in English,

so please feel free to contact us.

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